Updates to Marley NC Cooling Towers

More Vibration ProtectionHighest Single Cell Cooling Capacity.

The NC offers the highest tonnage per cell and the highest ASHRAE 90.1 performance available – 1455 tons and 303.8 GPM/HPR*.

Independently Validated Sound Data.

The NC is the only package cooling tower tested per CTI ATC-128 test code by third-party CTI-licensed test agents and certified acoustical engineers. NC sound levels are independently verified to meet published sound levels.

Lowest Drift Rates.

Lower drift means less water escapes the tower, providing cleaner surroundings. The new patent-pending MarKey™ Eliminator achieves the lowest available drift in a crossflow cooling tower*.

More Vibration Protection.

New generation mechanical and solid-state vibration switches ensure smoother start up, safe operation and long service life.

Cold Water Basin Inlet Covers.

New optional SunShield™ Inlet Covers protect the cold water basin from sunlight and debris which can contribute to algae growth