Made in the USAIntellihot today designs, manufactures and assembles tankless water heaters for residential, commercial and industrial applications—the first to do so entirely in the United States. Quality and innovation are at the heart of all our products, which were developed following years of extensive research. We continue to be recognized for our innovative design and have several patents pending.

Save space. Save energy. Eliminate downtime.

Achieve all three advantages with our commercial water heaters. These units allow you to conserve space by eliminating the need for redundant heaters/boilers and reducing or eliminating the need for storage tanks. Their operation is up to 40 percent more energy efficient compared to traditional heating methods. And, as a result, commercial properties can dramatically minimize the cost of water heating. When savings really matter, these heaters are the smart solution.


All of our commercial hybrid water heaters can be cascaded for increased capacity. And yet each one operates autonomously. This means cascaded units do not require a master controller (the kind that causes a single-point failure). With Intellihot’s patented design, each unit has enough internal intelligence to perform independently. In fact, if any one unit needs to be checked or serviced, the cascade will continue to function smoothly to ensure continuous hot water.


  • Capable – specially designed for heavy-duty commercial applications
  • Better ROI – lower capital and operating costs compared to boilers and tank-style water heaters
  • Lightweight – weighs less than 600 pounds so no reinforced floors are needed—and compact width fits standard doorways and elevators
  • Robust – commercial-grade, expandable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger with proven durability
  • Compact – requires much less space than a tank-type water heater or boiler coupled to storage tanks
  • Accessible – cascaded units can be programmed simultaneously from the control panel of any one unit
  • Self-descaling – requires less maintenance
  • Versatile – ideal for hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, laundromats and other commercial applications